The Ivey Legacy 1.1: Welcome to Newcrest


Meet Miss Summer Ivey.
She comes from a rather well-off and loving family from Willow Creek, where she unfortunately can’t stay. In order to carry on the Ivey legacy she has to move to a little peaceful place called Newcrest, where—

Summer: ”There’s no WiFi.”


”Well, this sucks.”


Summer is the unofficial future mayor of Newcrest, and in accordance to the #BuildNewcrest rules her first order of business is to build a park, so we’ll get right to picking some flowers and plants to start planting our garden!


Summer is a genius, a perfectionst, and childish. Before she got here she was working on that nerd brain of hers to build rocket ships. Naturally, that plan went down the drain when crime rates and the economy put a stop to that. Nowadays, Summer will be working towards becoming a freelance botanist!

Summer: ”Oh joy.”


We interrupt your regularly schedueled legacy introduction with something pretty that came jogging by!


Oh, Summeeeer! Come say hello to this strapping young lad!
Summer: ”Sigh.”




Hey now, that’s not how we get this legacy started!

Summer: ”Hiiii! How you doin’?”


Summer: ”I’m Summer, and I’m sort of the mayor of this dump. You wanna get on this legacy train, or what?”


Unimpressed by Summer’s social skills, Paolo Rocca just dropped down and let her watch him do push-ups, before continuing on his jog.

This is going to be a looong legacy, isn’t it?


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I think she forgot about not having WiFi…


Eight perfect plants, here we come!


Meanwhile, Paolo comes back for another lap around the block (it is a future park after all!) and Summer is quick to try and put her charms on him once more.


Summer: ”Sooo, can I have your number, handsome?”


Paolo: ”Listen, I don’t think so! You seem kind of… creepy.”


Instead, he dropped down to do his favorite thing in the entire world, leaving Summer to her own confusion.


No time to be wasted, she ran over to a nearby barbecue to try to lure some other unexpecting sim to the legacy socialize.


Summer: ”Greetings, commoners. Mind if I join you?”


I think we may need to work on her social skills a bit more.


Uh-oh, it seems we have a surprise visitor! Bad elder lady, bad!


Elder: ”He’s behind me, isn’t he?”
Grim: ”Don’t mind me, ladies…”


Grim: ”I’m just here for the sausage fest!”


I would make a joke about big sausages here, but I’m all mature and stuff. Yeah.


I think Paolo had some influence over her, not sure where this atletic behaviour came from.


Apparently Summer was too good for the perfectly good sausages, so I tried to send her fishing. No luck with the fishes, though. #disappointed


This is her very chic little shack. It’s got all you could ask for, including an easel. Following the #BuildNewcrest rules she’s going to join the painter career track.


She finally gets to enjoy a yummy garden salad within the comforts of her own four walls.


Summer: ”Oh hi, Mom and Dad. Yeah, I’m doing fine here. Just fine.”


Just fine…


Author’s note: Summer is actually generation 4 of the Iveys – I just got a new computer with a graphics card that can finally handle the game while still looking pretty, and I just couldn’t help myself starting a legacy. Last time I wrote a legacy was for TS2, but I finally felt inspired again. This is a #BuildNewcrest challenge, which means we’ll be following specific rules and goals for each generation.

Comments are critique always welcome! ❤


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