The Ivey Legacy 1.5: It’s A Hard-Knock Life


Paolo had been working very hard to provide for the family. He was doing well at work, but it was tough. He worked long hours and stayed late nights. Paolo felt like it was beginning to take its’ toll on him.


Summer: ”Do you smell something burning?”


Paolo: ”Oh flark. I’m too tired for this, just let the flames engulf me already!”


Summer was running for her life, and probably would’ve kept running as far as her legs could carry her. But, then she remembered her family. Her Paolo. And her son. Jasper.


Bravely, she ran back inside the burning building, pulling the fire extinguisher with her as she went.


With a sigh of relief, Summer could ascertain that the flames were finally out and the danger was over. For now.


They would stick to garden salad for a while…


It’s Jasper’s first day of school! They grow up so fast, don’t they?


Speaking of growing, Summer’s eating for two once more.


Summer: ”Oh. I’m pregnant? I was hoping I had just let myself go…”


Summer spent most of her pregnancy miserable. She felt as though she was always tense. Either that, or that little rascal was having a boxing match with her intestines – and it was winning. She had always imagined herself with a family, and she knew how important it was for the city of Newcrest for her to carry on the Ivey legacy. Mostly, she thought of Paolo, and of how great he was with Jasper. That was enough for her to put on a smile and bear it, for one more day.


Jasper was growing up to be a very active child, always out exploring the surroundings. He had managed to find some old monkey bars, where he spent most of his days.


It was a happy childhood. For the most part… Carefree in his own little world.


Summer was still struggling, wobbling around with a pout on her face.


Jasper ate hot dogs in the park, blissfully unaware of the state of their kitchen back home.


Jasper: ”Hi there, friend!”
Alexandria: ”Do you, like… live here?”


They managed to get along fine, playing on the monkey bars or watching the clouds, despite Alexandria’s rather hostile first impression.
I think that the star-/cloudgazing genes are strong in the Iveys.


It was getting quite late, and Jasper still had homework to do. Luckily he was pretty sharp, as he managed to get on with it fine without the help of his parents.


At least he returned home safely at the end of the day to get some sleep in his own, warm bed.


Paolo got a promotion to team mascot, and returned home in this… uhm… lovely creation. At least it meant a slight increase of the family funds, which was always welcome. Paolo hoped to work as hard to get out of the costume again as he had worked to get where he was.


This is the only time Summer had anything but a pout on her face, also finding her own little moment of bliss while working on her garden.


That moment, however, was short-lived. The baby was on it’s way.


And, finally, a smile from Summer again.


It’s a girl! Meet baby Iris Ivey.


Jasper: ”I’m going to be the bestest big brother ever!”
Paolo: ”Of course, son.” *spits water* ”Wait, is the baby here already?”


Luckily baby Iris wasn’t left alone long, not with Paolo in the house.


I… I’m not sure that a diaper rash is contagious, but at least Paolo seems to think he looks mighty fine even with it.


With the new, annoying baby in the house, Jasper didn’t even want to make it home at the end of the day, opting instead to sleep outside in the garden. It doesn’t look too comfortable…


2 thoughts on “The Ivey Legacy 1.5: It’s A Hard-Knock Life

  1. I’m enjoying your legacy! I love build Newcrest challenges and your writing style always brings a smile to my face or a chuckle here and there. Yay for another nooboo! Also I love your style of editing photos!!


    1. Thank you for reading and commenting ^^
      The editing style is about to change a little after a couple of generations because I felt they were a bit watered down, but hopefully they still look good 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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