The Ivey Legacy 1.6: Family


We start this update with Summer spawning a Mini-Me Iris’s birthday.


Summer’s rather lax parenting skills must’ve made quite the impression on young Iris, since she grew up with the same hairstyle as her mother.

I shall call her Mini-Me mwuahaahahaa– okay. I’m done.


Jasper couldn’t be more thrilled to have another child in the house to play with…


Here’s Iris after a less *cough*Mini-Me*cough* clone-like make-over. Iris is a whiz-kid who loves the outdoors.


Without infants in the house and the weekend rolling around I figured it was a good time to throw a wedding. Mini-Me plummit Iris is so excited for her old mom and dad, or maybe she just doesn’t like the dress. Let’s go with that.


Summer invited a lot of her relatives and in-laws, as well as a couple of townies, while Paolo invited his friends from his Partihaus days.


It’s a happy, happy day. Right, Yuki?

Cue wedding spam!


(That is Jasper doing sit-ups doing the ceremony, yes…)




I never do big weddings, usually, my sims tend to just elope… Oh, hush. Either way, I completely forgot to bake a cake, doh! I went to quickly fix this, and found that the fridge was broken. Double doh!


Then Paolo decided to grab a piece of the cake before Summer had time to place the wedding topper on it. Triple doh!

Summer: ”Paolo!”
Paolo: ”I was hungry…”


By the time Summer had baked a brand new cake the party was over – silver rating – and half of the guests had gone home…


Summer and Paolo still got to share their first piece of wedding cake. ♥


While the rest of the little family went to sleep after a long and exciting day, Summer had business to attend to. She also took a ‘nap’ basically all day before the wedding, and had a pretty full energy bar at this point.


Iris woke up early, and decided to go fishing. Summer was still up, and decided to actually spend some time with her child. After all, she was a married woman now, and a mother of two.


Perhaps she should work on her fishing skills first…


Summer: ”So a penguin and a farmer walk into a bar..”


Summer: ”..and the penguin says, ‘He’s not an eggplant, he’s retarded!’”

Summer takes her new responsibilities seriously, and even reads a story to her children. The children, however, don’t seem to know just quite what hit them.


Suddenly it was Monday, and it was time for school. Iris was nervous, but (although she’d never admit it) was happy to have a big brother going to the same school.

Can you tell these guys are related?


Iris did very well on her first day, though she did feel like she was a little bit different than the rest of them. Jasper had no problems fitting in on the playground, being on the very top of the monkey bars and going across them fearlessly. Iris was happy to be home where she could spend some quiet time outside. Even Summer decided to take a break from her gardening and join her for a game of chess.


Paolo got a promotion, and finally got out of that hideous mascot costume!


The next day, Jasper brought a friend home from school: Maddison Avery.


Picking up the old Ivey tricks, he invited her to cloudgaze. Naturally.


Iris preferred to spend some time alone outside, looking for rocks, frogs, and even treasures.


It was just an apple, but boy was it thrilling!


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