The Ivey Legacy 1.7: Growing up


Today’s not just another day. No, today’s Jasper’s birthday!
His best friend Maddie came home with him from school like usual, but once he got home he was also met by family friends and relatives.


Summer: ”So I asked my stupid brother if I look old enough to have a teenage son… You know what he says? He says yes!”


Paolo took being a father of a teenager pretty hard, too – falling fast asleep from the exhausting work of entertaining his in-laws.


Uncle Caden (Summer’s oh-so-nice bother) was the only one there to see Jasper make a wish and blow out the candles.


Iris: ”Bwahaha! Nice outfit, bro.”
Paolo: *snicker* *ahem* ”Happy birthday, son.”


The party left a moderate impression on the guests, who ran off quickly after the missed cake.


Summer wasted no time, giving her suddenly so much taller son a long hug before heading out to her growing garden.


This is Jasper in his everyday clothes, which are a bit less hip-hop-wannabe than the party outfit he picked out. Of course, being Paolo’s son, he went straight to the push-ups before I could snap a decent picture of him.


Oh no, you’re another Ivey Instagrammer?
Jasper: ”Snapchat!”


Iris had taken her brother’s role of rarely being home, she was having too much fun with her fishing and her love of the outdoors to be coped up in the house.


Jasper’s teenage aspiration is to be a musical genius, he also rolled the music lover trait. Although Paolo doesn’t show it much, this is something Jasper also inherited from him.


Jasper: ”Haha, I’m so much taller than you now, you’re no match for me, sis!”


Iris: ”You’re kidding, right? Even if I’d let you win, you know I’ll just start crying and running to daddy, and you won’t hear the end of it.”


Iris: ”Now help me with my homework, or I’ll start right away.”
Jasper: ”Okay, okay…”


Young Iris doesn’t need much help from her brother, though, she has already mastered the mental skill and can create several potions on her chemistry set.


Jasper’s talents are more creative, he usually spends hours just plucking away on the guitar, but he likes keeping his sister company.


In fact, the entire family is usually doing their own things, together.


Maddie celebrated her birthday shortly after Jasper, and they still spend basically every day after school together.


They may have grown up a bit, but they still enjoy gazing up towards the clouds, finding both old and familiar shapes as well as new ones.


Maddie: ”Oh god, look how and stupid we were back then!”


But they weren’t kids anymore, Jasper thought. Holding her close, it felt… Nice. More than nice. He could feel the warmth of her body where their bodies touched, the tingling, his heartbeat…


She was amazing.


He had been practicing a song, and tonight he finally felt brave enough to play it for her. He was afraid his fingers would be sweaty enough for him to screw the song up, but once they touched the guitar they danced over the strings with confidence.


Jasper: ”What did you think??”
 ”Jasper that was… amazing! You’re amazing!”


The song had filled him with unexpected confidence, and without even thinking he pulled Maddie close and planted a kiss on her lips.


…and she kissed him back!!


When she went home that night she was officially his girlfriend.


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