The Ivey Legacy 1.8: Hormones!


Iris: ”Jasper and Maddie sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”


Jasper: ”Oh, heh heh. Kids… say the darndest things…”


Jasper: ”That was not cool!”
Iris: ”Oh, yeah? Whatchu gonna do about it?”


Jasper: ”I… If you’re nice I’ll do the dishes until your birthday?”
Iris: ”All right!”


Unlucky for Iris, her birthday was just around the corner.


As a teenager she grew up into a brand new haircut, she’s also a geek who wants to be the curator.


Paolo: *sniffle* ”Our little girl, she’s grown up so fast!”
Iris: ”Mo-oom! Tell him to stop embarrassing me!”


Paolo: ”I’m serious, I know teenaged boys and what’s on their minds! Iris, I don’t want you to–”
Summer & Iris: *sigh*


Summer: ”Paolo, honey…”
Paolo: ”But…”
Iris: ”Dad!”


Summer: ”She’s not a baby anymore! I know you worry, but Iris is wicked smart, and fully capable of taking care of herself. Don’t you think you’re overreacting just a teensy tiny bit?”


Paolo went to get some of his frustrations out on the old punching bag. Besides, it couldn’t help practicing his punches some, he thought…


When he came back inside after a long session (his fingers were almost starting to go numb!), Iris called him over. Turns out she was having trouble with her homework and wanted some help. Perhaps she was still his little girl, after all. Just a little bit taller.


Aside from her growth spurt, she hadn’t actually changed much. In fact, her love for the outdoors, her curiosity, and her knack for finding frogs and rocks had only grown with her.


It wasn’t his daughter Paolo ought to worry about…


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