The Ivey Legacy 2.4: The Stork


Having an infant in the house was… tough.


Even with two family sims and Summer to help out, little Tate kept waking up at the most unfortunate times, fussing for a bottle, or a change, or just for attention.


Iris had a feeling that things were about to get even more hectic…


Iris: ”Soooo. Um… I know this is quite soon, but…”


Darryl: ”But what..? What is it, honey? Something wrong?”
Iris: ”We’re having another baby!”


Darryl: ”Oh thank god! That’s wonderful news! A big, happy family.”


Jasper decided to show up in person to congratulate the couple.
Jasper: ”I’m really happy for you, sis!”


Jasper: ”Really… happy… Heh.”

The smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. He had also met the love of his life, and they had three beautiful girls together, yet it always seemed he got outdone by his baby sister stealing all of the spotlight! Perhaps they were meant for other adventures…

The family is available for downloading here, if anyone wants to take him up on that offer! 


Darryl took one last look at the crying little infant, because today it was finally time for little Tatum’s birthday.


He turns out to be the most adorkable little kid ever! ♥


He’s neat and a whiz kid, and I took full advantage of the Kids Room Stuff Pack here.




Dear Diary,
My name is Tatum Ivey. I live in Newcrest in a house with my mom, dad and grandma. Grandma says she used to live in a park, but that’s just silly. That’s a community lot, and you don’t live there! Anyways, my mom built a lot of houses around here, and she says that our family are meant for great things. I like that. When I grow up I’ll be the smartest sim around, so I know I’m going to build some amazing things. Obviously. Well, I got to go now, I hear mom yelling in the other room.


Iris had every reason to yell, since the baby was coming!


With his diary still in his hand, Tate watched as his baby sister joined the legacy.


Iris: ”Honey, this is Noelle.”


Tate: ”Hey Noelle, pleased to meet you. My name’s Tatum and I’m your brother. I’m six, how old are you?”
Iris: ”She can’t talk yet, dear. She’s only a day old, we’ll have to teach her to talk, and to play.”


Tate: ”Noelle… Noelle! Say Tatum. TA-TUM.”


Tate: ”Dad! Where do babies come from?”
Darryl: ”Uhhh…”


Darryl: ”Why don’t you ask your mom? Heh…”


Iris: ”You see… When a mommy and a daddy love eachother very very much, then the stork comes and bring them a little baby!”
Tate: ”Seriously? You’re kidding, right? I was there!”


Tate: ”I went on Simpedia, you guys are lying! It says you put the baby in mom’s tummy, dad!”


Darryl: ”Uhmm.”
Iris: ”Oh come on, Darryl. He’s a smart kid, you tell him the truth.”
Darryl: ”Uhhhhhmmmm.”
Tate: ”I’m waiting!”


It seems young Tate will learn soon enough, as there are more babies on the way!


Iris: ”Soooo, I have some news…”


Tate: ”You and mom did WHAT?” 8|


Iris: ”It’s okay honey, you and Noelle are going to get another sibling to play with. Isn’t that great?”


Tate: ”Mom, it’s your turn… Mom!”

Being pregnant and having a toddler and an inquisitive child in the house could be a bit tiresome.


Tate: ”Why is mom so tired all the time?”
Darryl: ”Uhhhmm.”


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