The Ivey Legacy 2.7: Adventure Time


Thanks to Tate for narrating the last entry. He mostly hangs out in his room, typing away.


He may be a loner, and pretend to be all tough, but he actually has quite high relationships with his parents and sisters. We’ll just not tell him that these pictures are up here…


Birthday time for Iris!


She leaves young adulthood behind, for new adult adventures!
Okayyyy, that came out kind of wrong… :X


Summer got a promotion, and was… well… a liiiiiiittle bit happy about it, at least?


Sierra grew up, rolling the bro trait and soulmate aspiration.


Darryl: ”Yaaaawn! Having kids is so tough…”
Sierra: ”Dad..!”


Dear Diary,
I guess it’s kind of cool to have two siblings around the same age as me. Kinda. They’re still about a million times lamer than me, though. Sierra’s all like ‘I love people and stuff and boys and people’ – totally LAME – and Noelle…


Noelle’s… Noelle.


At least we can hang out together, a little bit. Today we’re going to grandma Summer’s park.


Tate: ”Hey you, this is actually Ivey Park! Are you an Ivey?”


Sierra: ”Taaaaate, chill! We’re here to meet cool people, which requires actual people, duh!”


Hmm, like this guy? This is Jarrett Greenwood.


Oooh, someone’s giving Tatum The Eye™


Her name is Matilda Cardenas…


…and it actually seems like Tate’s lone wolf trait is immune to her gaze… 🙂


Sierra takes Mr. Greenleaf Greenwood for some one on one time in the little shack/public restroom. Cause she classy like that.


Oh, hi Paolo! Why so yellow? I know, teenage hormones are quite embarrassing…


This is much more appropriate, and Ivey-esque behavior. Good Sierra!


Noelle’s the only one who was insane enough to not think that they’d gone insane for seeing a ghost, so she went straight to stargazing with her estranged grandfather, like it was just another Tuesday afternoon.


Tate had had enough socializing for one day, though that girl Matilda was quite… something, wasn’t she? He poked the fire with his stick, trying to push those brown eyes out of his thoughts. Not as easy as it sounds.


Noelle was having the best of times, her grandpa was a real pro at stargazing. In the end he even matched her. She’d have to ask mom if she could keep him, once they got back home again.

Home….. Wait, what time was it?


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