The Ivey Legacy 4.3: We’ll never be royals


Young Kelsey is a social butterfly (or, well, aspires to be one!) so we’re taking it to the streets!


In my game, ‘social butterfly’ and ‘sociopath stalker’ are kind of… not too far apart, really. But I mean, a cute kid running up to strangers basically yelling ”BE MY FRIEND!!!” is not creepy at all. Right?


Ana should probably do some parenting and a lesson in stranger danger here, but she’s been really into yoga lately. Doesn’t she look just like she’s found inner peace? Or holding in a fart, rather? Whatever. It gets our club points up no matter if she’s good at it or not, so yay?


The girl in the green sweater is Haeju Behr (distant relative of Candy or Yuki), and the boy is Kian Corbin.


Aww, how cute, Kelsey’s already got copy-cats. The girl with the same hairstyle is Robin Engel.


Hey there, Matilda. Still grey, I see.


Hanging out with her grandchild has some positive effects, though! Young Kelsey found this a great opportunity to make an adult friend for her aspiration!


Kids party at the park! I don’t know, this kind of give me the creeps. Anyways, Kelsey was nice enough to let Hank tag along.


Of course, Kelsey’s on the very top of the ship where she can rule over her pirate minions.


Clone Robin copies her idol does to a tee. They were eerily synchronized in their patented Ivey cloud-gazing.


Hank just wanted to quietly enjoy his burger.


Next cloud-gazing victim.


The kids made it back from the park in one piece, and Kelsey with a few more minions. It was then time for aunt Dahlia to throw a birthday party and invited the family over.


Deb’s already eyeing the nearest couch.


Kailyn: ”Happy Birthday, sis! I’m glad I’m not the only old fart in the family anymore…!”
Dahlia: ”Thanks..?”


Cousin Kurt looks like he’s been running from something and hides behind the door like a coward.


Kurt: ”Did they see me?”
Deb: ”Who..?”
Ana: ”It’s okay, this place is clear. I checked.”
Kelsey: ”I’m surrounded by idiots…”


”Thanks for coming, I know you have a busy schedule.”
Ana: ”Yeah, we’ll have to get back to working on those abs of yours soon! But it’s nice to be out of the house for a while, get some less bright screenshots.”
Dahlia: ”Huh?”
Ana: ”Nothing. Happy birthday!”


At least Kelsey is enjoying the party, being the center of attention on the ‘dance floor’. What a blast!


Happy birthday, Dahlia! Welcome to adult responsibilities!


That was Deb’s cue to clock out, couch or no couch, she needed a nap!


Awww. The family resemblance is strong 🙂


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