The Ivey Legacy 4.4: Keyboard chemistry


Here’s a picture of Kelsey and Hank in their carefree youth. Don’t get used to it!


…because I kind of missed their birthday, and they grew up on the front lawn after school. Oops.

I tend to do this a little too often, I’m afraid… I’ll get the ‘Celebrate X’s birthday with a party’ pop-up and promptly ignore it, then kind of save up and exit the game for the day. Next time I play I’ve of course completely forgot about the impending birthday and the sims will do a surprise spin when I least expect it. Double oops.


Hank grew up with socks in sandals. Not to be judgmental, but… Judging you, Hank!


He thinks he’s hot stuff, while Kelsey just can’t get enough of this plum.

Kelsey: ”Seriously? This is what I get for my sweet sixteen? What about my loyal subjects? Huh??”


After a quick cry under the covers she was good as new, though! She grew up with the insider trait and the master chef aspiration.


She went straight to watching the cooking channel for inspiration (okay, I might’ve forced her, just a tad)


Then she texted all of her friends about what an absolute failure of a SimGod I am…


…and turned to the bar for comfort.


Hank grew up as a music lover with the serial romantic aspiration, and went straight to play some romantic tunes. I mean, just look at that romantic face, eh?


Ana was thrilled about the kids growing up – it meant more willing victims to mentor in fitness!


Hank: ”Moooooooooooommmm, I don’t wanna run anymore!”
Ana: ”Just need 25% more for my daily task!”
Hank: ”Huh?”
Ana: ”Nothing. Keep running!”


Her hard work has finally paid off! Good job, Ana! 🙂


This pretty girl is Valeria Engel, who followed Hank home from school. The look of pure joy is strong, right Hank? You’re a romance sim, yeah?


Hank: ”Urghh, hi. Or whatever.”


It seems Hank warmed up to her, eventually.


Then they disappeared, and I found them here a couple of sim hours later.


Hank: ”Do you like my necklace? It’s plus five to Sexterity. That’s like Dexterity… with sex… in the front.”


Wow, I… I can’t believe that worked? But shamelessly quoting The Guild can’t be too bad, I suppose.


Hank went on to show off the sauna…


The pool…


His moms’ bedroom…


…the hot tub…


Hank: ”Yeah, that was… fun. I’ll call you, or Skype you… or whatever.”
Valeria: ”Cool.”


Deb: ”Guys, come on… You’re blocking the sun!”

This is when I remembered that he wanted to do this 19 more times with 19 other sims, so I quickly lost interest. Heh. Lazy’d.


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