The Ivey Legacy 4.5: Brewtiful day


Kelsey is out practicing her dance moves… Good thing there’s a weird backyard dance-floor, eh? 😛


Robin, the wannabe-Kelsey, naturally grew up into the same teenage hairstyle as well. And she tries to out-dance our girl!


Sadfaced, Kelsey tries to invite more friends to the party. Turns out that quite a lot of them are still little kids.


These girls showed up, but it seems that Hank’s reputation precedes him, judging by their faces.


Luckily, there’s always juice. Kelsey is getting pretty good at mixology.


Totally safe family fun…


She got invited to the Mixing Crew club. For some reason all of the members were ghosts. Can’t have anything to do with the flaming drinks, right?


The elder generation of Iveys – the Pumped Up club – are getting pretty advanced at this point, much thanks to Ana and her personal training.


Road trip time! In search of new crew material friends, Kelsey went to the library. (Well, it was either that, or the park.)


Nobody was there. Huh. Kelsey had to resort to trolling the forums to get some action.


Hey! Look! Someone else is here! ‘Cousin’ Kurt apparently works as a barista in the library café. That’s pretty awesome.


Kelsey: ”Hey, cus, how you bean? Haha, get it…? Bean?”


Kelsey: ”Thanks a latte! …I’m hilarious!”
Kurt: ”The customer is always right, the customer is always right..”


Kelsey: ”Sooo, is it always this crowded here?”
Kurt: ”If I just smile, maybe she’ll go away.”


She figured she might as well read a book while she waited for someone to show up.


Nobody did.

Kelsey: ”Okay, this is quite depresso…ing. I’m out of here, see ya cus!”
Kurt: ”It worked!”


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