The Ivey Legacy 5.1: Home is where the bar is


The Iveys are once again on the move.


This time, it’s a bigger house with two separate areas.


Upstairs, with the main entrance on the side, is the family home. It’s kinda pastel-y and sweet (as opposed to the grey-themed gym – Deb & Ana still have a black/red themed bedroom, though!). Kind of a lot of space, so I have two empty rooms with concrete at this point. Future baby rooms, hopefully!


Downstairs is where the fun is! A separate entry and a back door that leads down to it from the home. It’s basically the premade rooms for the bar and the game room with some bathrooms added, but I think it comes together pretty well!


The kitchen upstairs naturally have a big bar, too!


Show-off ♡


Uhhh…. Kel. I think that’s quite enough juice for now!


After completing her aspiration as a bodybuilder, Ana went back to her roots. Being a music lover, she… went on to loving music. She still looks really badass even with the cutesy pink guitar! ♡


Deb had taken a nice nap in the hot tub, and when she woke up it felt as though several years had passed…


It couldn’t be that we were too busy with the move and the new house that we forgot her birthday, oh no!


The bar has some ‘customers’! Kelsey is the head of a new-founded club called Chillz, which consists of unsuspecting childhood friends and some neighbors that she ninja-invited to join.


There’ll be some new faces around. This here is Randall Landrum.


Guy in the tie is Micah Meyer, and bearded guy in the lumberjack shirt is Tyler Lake.
No no, Kelsey did not go around inviting all the hot guys around town to join her club, no….


Except she totally did!
Kelsey: ”Hey, it’s my club. My bar. My rules!”


This looks like so much fun!
That’s Jaylen Meadows in the beige sweater and glasses in the back, I believe that’s the final bachelor.


The club Chillz is now BoHo-themed… the other members just aren’t as cool as Kelsey.


Tyler: ”…so I say ‘no way’, and he’s like ‘way’ and then…”

Well, you did pick them for their looks, hun.


A couple of days later, and the BoHo-trend had picked up.

Kelsey: ”The view from here isn’t bad at all!”


Tyler: ”Hey, thanks! The view here is definitely awesome! And I’m not saying it because of the drinks or anything – plummin great drinks by the way, girl!”


Kelsey: ”I think that’s enough practice for today… Someone else, come and man the bar, guys!”


Kelsey: ”I’m gonna sit here and have a nice…. drink. Awesome, was it?”
Tyler: ”Like, way awesome!”


Tyler: ”Plum, girl! The view from here is pretty epic!”
Randall: ”Shh, guys. Trying to focus here… This is harder than it looks! I mean… is this even drinkable?”
Tyler: ”I volunteer to try! Ask Kels to teach you her magic ways with the shaker.”
Kelsey: ”Wouldn’t you like to know..?”


Randall: ”So, uh… I’ll just… Not have a drink, then. It’s cool, guys. Cool.”


Kelsey: ”No no! Prisoner of Azkaban is totally the best Harry Potter.”
Tyler: ”Uhh, wrong! It’s obviously Half-Blood Prince!”
Kelsey: ”No way! I’ll play you for it! Best out of three will decide who’s the best. Deal?”
Tyler: ”Deal!”


Tyler: ”Beginner’s luck!”


Kelsey: ”Oh really…?”
Tyler: ”Come on!”


Kelsey: ”Sooo, I guess it’s Azkaban.”
Tyler: ”Plummit!”


Tyler: ”It’s okay, you’re the foosball boss! I guess well just have to have a marathon and you can come to your senses!”
Kelsey: ”Mmhmm…”


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