The Ivey Legacy 5.5: Hello from the other side


The bar’s crowded tonight!


Being pregnant didn’t stop Kelsey from putting up the best drinks in Newcrest to her satisfied customers.


At least they would be satisfied if only people had some proper bar etiquette and didn’t try to sneak ahead. Looking at you, Micah!


The reason for the sudden crowd is that today’s no other than Ana’s birthday!


Tyler even put on a shirt for the occasion!


Still smokin’, even as an elder! Dang!


She put on a slightly less revealing shirt – she was respectably old now, after all! – then she was good to go!


Urghh, there was that foosball game next to her intestines again. Silly baby, mom’s working right now!


Everyone had a drink, and they all seemed happy. A job well done! Even if she had to feel bloated, foosball-induced vomity and had to rely on watered down, virgin shouldn’t-even-be-allowed-to-be-called-drinks, it didn’t mean that everyone else should!


Tyler – still shirt-full, mind you! – was trying to be a good parent and read to young Dillon. It would probably be more efficient if he wasn’t eating cake for dinner, and if they weren’t sitting in a bar, but who are we to judge?


Ana actually had a smile on her face, a rather rare occurrence since Deb’s passing.


Last woman standing on a very successful night of partying.


Ana: ”Good evening, my sweet!”
Deb: ”Gasp! A little warning before you call upon the dead, would be nice! I was taking a nap!”

Oh, Deb! ♡ Turns out that part of the reason for Ana’s carefree smile was because she’d found out that while Deb was in a sense gone, she was not forgotten.


Deb: ”Oh! Good evening, honey. And happy birthday! Dare I say you look as gorgeous as you did the first day we met?”
Ana: ”Now you’re just lying to my face – that’s not how you treat the birthday girl, is it?”
Deb: ”I’ve got some treats for you, don’t you worry!”


Ana: ”You’re getting really good at this game, dear.”
Dillon: ”I guess… It’s nice to have someone smart to play with. I have to cheat for dad when we play! I’m glad you’re happier now, grandma.”
Ana: ”Can I tell you a story? It’s a ghost story!”


Dillon: ”You mean grandma Deb? Yeah, I’ve seen her too. She plays chess with me sometimes, too. Though she’s only around late at night when I should be sleeping…”


We interrupt this grandchild-grandparent bonding moment, because more grandchildren are on the way!


Kelsey: ”Sry guys, bb time again. Keep the bar open if u want! xx Kels”


They had to wait for a little while for the hospital to get everything ready, apparently some poor lady had delivered triplets just a few moments earlier.


Kelsey: ”It’s time… I guess you can stay and enjoy the tasteless hospital food for a while if you want.”


Ghost doctor!


Uh-oh. Not triplets, but there are TWO new babies! Twin girls, to be exact.


Welcome to the family, Anya and Robyn!
(I’m sure Robin Engel is beside herself that the game randomized a name that is so close to hers, since she’s apparently always wanted to be an Ivey…)


Kelsey: ”Thank you so much, doctor!”


Dr. Ghost: ”Errr, I’m over here…”


Time for Tyler to join the party, finally!


…or, I guess… not.


Woo, twins again. Happy happy joy joy. Better turn the game volume down…


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