The Ivey Legacy 8.7: They’re cute when they sleep


As previously stated: they’re cute when they sleep…

Unpopular opinion, but I think toddlers are overrated. Actually thought so ever since The Sims 2. Could have something to do with the fact that my sims would put the kids on the floor and leave them there, possibly paying attention to them by having bladder failure on them. I kind of liked them safely staying confided to the crib until they grew big enough to almost take care of themselves as children. But yeah, realism and whatnot… 🙂 In hindsight, having twins as my first toddlers might not have been the best move. At least they’re cute when they sleep.


Anyways, mom London is keeping busy! If she’s not working on new material or practicing the old joke routines, it’s charisma that needs to be leveled… Whew!


Trenton’s looking good, his workout even get the Ghost!Nelson seal of approval.


Of course, Ghost!Nelson knows how to level fitness in a both efficient and fun way – and how to look awesome while doing it.


Sorry, kid, mom’s got to work on her comedy if we’re to move this thing along. Trust me, it’ll benefit you too… One day… Hrm.


Nanny Alex Jeffreys to the rescue!


It’s hard work, but someone’s gotta do it. Preferably the help… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Triple birthday time, oh my! Finally!


Such a rocking party… Sheldon and the nanny were the only family and friends who felt close enough to show up. Wow. Perhaps we should get out more?


Skillin’ to the very last minute!


Hello adulthood.


River, outgoing artistic prodigy.


Felipe, goofball and social butterfly.


Ahhh, blissful childhood. Kids who can take care of themselves and their skills! Sweet, sweet youth.


Hmm, future party animal in the making? Eh eh?


Social butterfly: kid tested, parent approved? Here young Felipe is seen talking to a bunch of strangers who just happened to be passing by. Luckily (?) Sims 4 doesn’t have cars, or I swear he’d jump into the first van he’d seen for some free candy.


Well, look! People his own size! This is Ezequiel and Cannon. Yup, Cannon.


When Cannon calls, asking you to come play with him, you better answer!


Cannon: ”Wait, you’re the Iveys? Oh my gosh, I’m such a huge fan!”


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, things were finally quiet enough for someone to finally pop the question! 🙂


Trenton: ”Good thing I’ve been working out, eh?”
London: ”Oh hush, you!”


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