The Ivey Legacy 10.3: Tough love


Lexie got a job as a sales floor clerk. Juggling work and school turned out to be a bit challenging for her, but she knows hard work is the way to go!


May need some time to practice cooking, though?


No use making a nice mansion if you’re just gonna burn it down now, is it?


Lexie: “Oh hush! I’ll get this grilled cheese done, even if it’ll be the death of me!”


It’s okay, you’re good at a bunch of other stuff, Lexie. Maybe cooking just isn’t your thing…


You’re better at parenting than Aaron, it seems! Fighting fire with fire?


Paying bills, too! Doing a bang-up job!


Lexie: “That’s quite enough from you..! You know it’d be nice if someone else helped around the house.”


Well, Felipe’s publishing his first book!


Felipe: “What if they don’t like it??”


Birthdays! Ryland here grew up a glutton.


Lexie rolled gloomy.


Speaking of birthdays, it’s not over yet! Auntie Amelia’s celebrating her adult birthday too. And she’s apparently got quite the sweet apartment in San Myshuno. Good to see that another Ivey’s doing alright, even without my interference. Huh. Maybe that says more about me than the sims…?


Apparently the windows are magic. Even with this much natural light Felipe didn’t turn into a pile of ash!


Guests to the party include Felipe and… toy dinosaur. That’s it. Amelia’s got a blooming social life, for sure!


Amelia: “Heeeey! Happy birthday to me! It’s my second favourite guest!”


Felipe: “Oh ha ha, very funny, sis… I’m your only guest!”
Amelia: “Heh, yeah…”


Look, the caterer joined the celebrations!


Felipe was out of there shortly thereafter.


Felipe: “Oookay, bye sis. It was… nice?”
Amelia: “Hmm? Yeah, kay…”



Felipe: “Need any help with your homework, sweetie?”
Lexie: “Ugh, dad… Don’t bother! It’s too late to try to be a model parent! I was clearly never wanted!!”


Felipe: “Don’t say that! Don’t you ever say that! Maybe you weren’t the bestĀ for me and your other Dad… But you know, it brought me Aaron. I’ll never regret you, nor your brother!”


Lexie: “Hold up! My brother?”


Felipe: “Uhm. It’s kind of a long story. I was a stupid kid.”
Lexie: “What about my other father then? Can I meet him and make my own mind up? I’m old enough now!”
Felipe: “I… I guess you’re right.”


Felipe: “In hindsight, meeting outdoors in a neutral spot wasn’t my best move… Lexie, this is Trevor. Trevor, this is Lexie… your daughter.”


Lexie: “So…. Uhm…”
Trevor: “Uhm…”


Lexie: “It’s a nice day, isn’t it…?”
Trevor: “Really? I… Lexie, was it? I just want to say that… I was a real plum, okay. Maybe I still am. I know I’ll never win father of the year or anything, and I don’t have much to offer you. But I just want you to know that… I’m sorry. A-and I’m here for you, if… I don’t know. If you need something? Well, not… Uhm.”


Lexie: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make things awkward. I don’t expect anything from you, I just wanted to… get to know you, I guess? I mean, there’s a part of me that I don’t know, you know? Uhm. Wow. But maybe we can… talk, sometime?”
Trevor: “Yeah, I’d like that.”
Lexie: “Good. I… I should probably get Dad home again before he bursts into flames or something.”




Lexie: “Hey Da–Trevor. It’s Lexie. What’s up? Uhm, I was thinking that maybe you’d like to come over for dinner some night? You free Saturday?”


Aaron’s upset that this new development will ruin their happy family… But to be honest, they’re already ridiculously dysfunctional as is.


Lexie was making the right decision, wasn’t she…? Oh, spirits of Iveys past, guide us!


Saturday came rolling around, and so did Trevor. Well, not exactly rolling – he walked. Badum tssh.


Trevor: “Nice place you’ve got here. A lot nicer than your old home, am I right?”


Lexie: “Ugh, the club… Don’t remind me!”
Trevor: “Oh. Oh my gosh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to–”


Lexie: “Lighten up, will you?”
Trevor: “Okay, I’ll… try! Ha! Why is this so awkward? Let’s just… hi!”
Lexie: “Hey…”


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