The Ivey Legacy 10.4: Adulting


Felipe: “Hey, honey! Nice day at school?”
Lexie: “Dad. Just… don’t.”


Lexie: “It’s time you started treating me like an adult!”


Felipe: “But, honey… I–”


Lexie: “Seriously, just stop. Why don’t you try telling me about my brother? Were you going to keep it from me forever?”
Felipe: “No… No, I– Look, it’s not easy for me to talk about.”
Lexie: “Try.”
Felipe: “Well… I-I’m an idiot, right? To be honest, I only cared about myself. Being the king of the party was basically my number one priority. Then you and Marc were born, and I should’ve changed, I should, but I guess I just kept going same as always.”


Felipe: “That was no environment for a child, you know… And… One day social services showed up, and they took Marc away.”


Lexie: “They what? They took my brother away!? Where is he today?”
Felipe: “I-I don’t know. Somebody adopted him. I think. We weren’t told anything, and I was just happy that I still had one child safe and sound…”


Lexie: “Yeah. How lucky…”


Lexie went downstairs and took her anger out on one of the dolls in the kids room. Something that her half-siblings had, that she probably never did. Or her poor brother, probably.


She was still fuming when she went to work, the doll had only taken so much of the edge off…


After a very, very long day at work her rage had more turned into sadness.


Marc: “So, what’s up? You’re acting really weird! I mean, I don’t think you’ve ever missed a second of class and now we’re skipping!”


Lexie looked at the boy next to her. There was something familiar about his nose, his jaw line… Could it be..?


Marc: “Come on, just spit it out!”
Lexie: “I think you’re my brother.”


Marc: “Uh, WHAT?”


Lexie: “I know. It’s weird. I’ve been going through a lot of plum with my family, and it turns out that my other dad bailed on me when I was born, leaving my complete incompetent dad to raise me and my brother…”
Marc: “I didn’t know you had a brother?”
Lexie: “Me, neither.”


Marc: “Wait, you think I–?”
Lexie: “Well, yeah…”


Lexie: “I mean, it’s completely insane, I know. But…”
Marc: “That’s one word for it! I guess I’ve always wanted siblings…”




Lexie’s adult birthday was an uneventful one. Felipe had wanted to throw her a big party, which she respectfully declined. Okay, maybe not that respectfully.


She didn’t really feel much different, except she found herself really loving art all of a sudden. It was also time to move on from her teen job and go in as an assistant to the regional manager – with the outfit to match. Yeah, a real piece of art, that one…


She felt good about her first day, and for moving on up. She said her hello to Akshara – the maid she’d hired herself!


It was going to be a tough job for the poor girl, the big babies at home probably couldn’t spell ‘housework’ even if someone had a stake to their hearts.


Lexie thought that being an adult would mean she didn’t have any homework, but boy was she wrong. She’d spend late nights after work illuminated by the computer screen researching stocks. Unlike homework, it seemed to be an never-ending mission.


Juggling even more responsibilities, she’d invited Trevor over for dinner again.


Trevor: “This looks really good!”


Lexie: “Thanks, so do you… Uh… I mean… You let it go grey?”
Trevor: “Seemed appropriate for an old man. Not giving up the haircut, though. Or the headphones. It’s just such a habit now that I better stick to it.”
Lexie: “Sure, sure… Too lazy to go out and shop, are we?”
Trevor: “It’s really boring!”


Dinner went well, and time really flew. It wasn’t long before Trevor had to leave to make the drive home. But things were going – well? Probably? They were getting less awkward, at least!


They almost appeared as a normal, wealthy family. Almost.


And thank god for coffee! Lots of it. If Lexie ever were to win an award, she’d remember to cite coffee in her speech.


She even took it upon herself to throw a birthday party for the twins, something Felipe was slightly disgruntled by, before he and Aaron ran off to ‘try out’ their newest coffin, at least.

Commence the super out of sync birthday spam:


Ryland grew up outgoing with the fabulously wealthy aspiration, while Jenifer grew up with the bro trait and nerd brain combo.
They both had their vampire genes kick in as well. Tons of fun to be had in the Ivey household. Yeah…


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