The Ivey Legacy 10.5: Wake the dead



Co-worker: “Woooh! Let’s celebrate tonight! To-night! Woo!”
Lexie: “Oh, it’s just a small promotion, let’s not wake the dead over it…!”


The bar quickly filled up with various coworkers, and Lexie actually felt herself beginning to relax for the first time in… weeks, probably. Wow. She could really benefit from getting out more.


It was nice to have a chance to talk to her co-workers outside of work for once. They were quite an interesting bunch of people.


Lexie would circle around, trying to get to know all of them a little better. Not the easiest of tasks, but buying someone a drink was usually a safe start.


Unfortunately, nobody had told the guests that it was ‘ghost night’ at the bar, and the party was suddenly interrupted by an otherworldly presence.


The place cleared out quickly, and Lexie didn’t feel quite compelled to buy drinks for her long gone relatives, so she decided to call it a night.


Back home, things weren’t exactly… normal, but it was home.


The twins no longer enjoyed home-cooked meals as they once had, they could barely even stomach plasma fruit salad. Not that Lexie blamed them, that stuff was vile!


Jenifer wasn’t sure how she felt about this whole ‘being a vampire’ mess. It was rough enough having to spend all day coped up in school with happy meals on legs, she had to venture out in the sunlight to get there.


Did a vampire really need a public education? She’d rather spend her days in a coffin, like a normal teenage vamp!


Urgh, this family!



Lexie had a day off, and decided to drop by Marc’s. Out of curiosity he’d taken a paternity test, and Felipe was in fact his father.


Marc: “Good to see you, little sis!”
Lexie: “From what I hear, I’m two minutes younger than you!”
Marc: “Still.”


Lexie: “So, who’s this?”
Marc: “This is Dominique. Dominique, this is… your aunt, I guess.”


Speaking of relatives, Amelia stopped by the house.


She had some news, too!


Lexie was doing well, she just landed another promotion! Traditionally, this would be celebrated at the bar.


This time, offering to buy people drinks didn’t quite pan out as well as it had last time – not with jealous spouses around. Oops.


Detective Corbin stopped by and broke up the fight.


Detective Corbin: “So it was all a big misunderstanding?”
Lexie: “Seems like it! Sorry that you had to come all this way to break up a non-fight, Detective Corbin!”
Detective Corbin: “Oh, not at all.”


Lexie: “You may have to break up some ghost fights while you’re at it?”
Detective Corbin: “Oh, I’m on it!”


It had been a very nice night.


Better work on her pick-up lines. You know, just in case. No reason at all. No, no.


It’s contagious! Well, these two are in a constant stage of flirty. Poor Aaron can’t even garden in peace without Felipe being there to salivate all over him. Look at the poor cow plant!


Lexie: “Heyyyyyy, I’m calling for Detective Corbin, I have some more information about a crime I witnessed the other night. Yeah. Uh-huh. It’s really urgent!”


Lexie: “Oh, Detective Corbin? I barely recognized you without the uniform!”
Detective Corbin: “Call me Gael. It’s my day off, but I heard this was… urgent.”


Lexie: “Mmhm, yeah. Super urgent. Gael…”


Gael: “Well, ma’am, what are you waiting for? You must want to tell me all about it over dinner, right?”
Lexie: “Oh, uhm… Of course!”


Gael: “So, ma’am, it should be illegal to cook this good! Is there more?”
Lexie couldn’t help but giggle at him calling her ‘ma’am’, and the way he looked at her…


Lexie: “Sorry, I think you ate it all… Except what’s left on my plate I think we’re out.”
Gael: “Okay, this case is easily solved. Hand over your plate.”
Lexie giggled again, and quickly shovelled the rest of her food into her mouth.


Gael: “Obstruction of justice, eh? I guess you owe me another dinner, then!”
Lexie: “Mmm…”


Gael: “Thanks, this was really nice. And now you have my private number, maybe we could do this again sometime?”
Lexie: “Or down at the station?”


Lexie: “Wow, that was…”
Gael: “I know. See you ma’am!”
He winked, and was gone, leaving a weak-kneed Lexie in the dining room.


Luckily, it didn’t take long before he just happened to swing by the Ivey household on ‘patrol’…


Hello, officer! 😉


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