The Ivey Legacy 10.7: The End


Let’s start this chapter off with some cute father-son time between Gael and Angelo.


Because, well…


Things never stay quiet in the Ivey household, eh?


*ominous music plays*


Jenifer found the poor butler, but alas… It was too late!


He got a resting place among the rest of the Iveys! May you rest in peace, Mr…. Uh… I’m guessing ‘Butler’ isn’t your given name, and I currently can’t reach my simming notebook, but have a nice afterlife, eh, mate?


Here’s the new guy. He seems…… nice?


Despite only being without a butler for a few minutes, Ryland took it upon himself to take out the trash. In broad daylight. While being a vampire.


Well, I hate to say I told you so…


Nope, no take-backs!


I know it’s very sad, Felipe, just get back inside before you, too, return to ashes!


Good boy.


Jenifer: “I feel a great disturbance in the force… Huh. Must be the weather.”


Ugh, I know :/


Young Angelo is actually getting a fair amount of toddler skills! There’s still hope for future Iveys!


Angelo: “Gwampa! Why you sad face? Sad face no good. Happy and pway!”
Felipe: “Huh. I guess you’ve got a point, little one…”


Much better!


Angelo grew up into a kid, he got the goofball trait and whiz kid aspiration.


He’s abnormally excited for his first day of school, but you know… whiz kids.


Lexie is relaxing after a long and hard day at work, but all of her efforts are paying off big time!


Ding ding ding! Miss Ivey, on top of the world! Or, top of the business career, at least.


She looked over her mansion, that she’d built with her own two hands. Well, kind of. It’s not as she did the construction herself or anything (ew) but she was the boss, so… And it was time for the boss to have a home office!


With the latest addition to the house, the household value skyrocketed above the expected §350,000, and there you have it! This is it! o_O The first ever legacy challenge that I’ve actually managed to finish! Thank you, Iveys, for being such good sports!


Here’s the Ivey Mansion/Castle?/…home 😀 in a sort of fitting nighttime showcase. Bigass house, it’s currently got two floors, but only one of them is decorated and – well – reachable. For sims in need, just click your heels together (or, you know, add a staircase) and wham bam. Also includes a kind of lame pool, and a creepy graveyard complete with a mausoleum and secret entryway to the vampiric basement lair.


Upon entering there’s this bright and airy kitchen/living room area.


We’ve got a kids room for Angelo. Perhaps he’d liked something that screamed whiz kid a little more, but Lexie had full say in the decoration decisions (unfortunately?)


Little bathroom.


Bedroom with the old salvaged family photos. This generation didn’t pick up photographing, but at least they put ’em up on the wall.

It just hit me how many redheads we’ve had in this family, haha! Gen 1, 9 and 10 were the only ones without!


Jenifer’s bedroom, perhaps a bit more pink than she’d like to admit – but she picked the colors out herself!


Ryland’s (RIP!) old room. We’re keeping it as is!


Study for Felipe to write, Lexie to research stock and the rest of the family to sneak in a game or fifteen of Blic Bloc.


Gym for mainly the vampires to keep their eternally youthful appearance, and probably for Gael to enjoy a bit too. At least during daylight hours?


Another bathroom.


Butler area. Super luxurious so they’ll be motivated do an excellent job. While not being electrocuted, of course.


The brand new office that Lexie unlocked with her promotion.


We’re back where we started with a different view of the kitchen. Also got a vampire in a bathrobe enjoying a movie. Because why not?


Oh, and since we’re fancy – we also have a dining room that barely anyone uses. But the important thing is that we have one!

Noooow…. Due to ghosties (I think) the house is counted as CC. I tried removing all the urns, but the game still insisted it was CC. Sigh. But, you can use the in-game gallery and check to allow custom content, search either for ID felblossom or “Ivey Hills” and it should show up. I hope.


If anyone wants to take pity on the poor remaining Iveys, they’re up for grab here!


To sign off – this is my Newcrest in all of its glory!
Top area is the starter homes, library and gym. Right area is middle class homes, lounge and museum. Bottom left area is the fancier parts with Ivey Hills residential houses, also the park, bar and nightclub.

You can find all of my uploads under the Gallery ID felblossom. Thank you for this time! 🙂


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